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The Premier Youth Baseball Organization in the St. Vrain Valley

The Longmont Baseball League is the premier non-profit youth baseball league serving families in the St. Vrain Valley School district boundaries and surrounding communities in a manner which fully utilizes our mission and focus. 
DIVERSITY OF SKILL LEVELS: A league where the level of competitiveness chosen is enjoyable for the player and family; where youth ages 5-18 can enjoy summer recreational baseball while continuing with the tradition of allowing friends to play together; where year-round competitive / travel baseball opportunities are provided to youth ages 8-18; offering varying degrees of competitiveness to the highest available levels. 
AFFORDABILITY: Providing access to baseball for all families including those needing scholarships to participate. 
CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Players will learn valuable life skills including teamwork, sportsmanship, character development, and winning and losing with mutual respect and integrity. 
SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Teaching baseball fundamentals is a valued and is stressed to coaches at all levels. Player high-school readiness remains a long-term focus. Camps and clinics are provided to aid in improving baseball skills and a greater understanding of the game.
HIGH QUALITY EXPERIENCE: Training is offered to both coaches and umpires because quality performance at their respective positions helps create an enjoyable league experience. 
COMMUNITY-MINDED: To be a highly valued partner in our community through advocacy of our mission; partnership with the city and businesses as we bring in revenue to the area with tournaments; and value to families as we teach our youth important life and athletic skills. We also offer employment opportunities to teenagers and adults as umpires where valuable life skills like responsibility and self-confidence are gained.
LONG-TERM RESPONSIBILITY AND FOCUS: The community can trust the league to be fiscally responsible and operate in a sustainable manner so as to be a positive influence for generations to come. We seek to be a league that honors past baseball traditions while celebrating and encouraging today's young athletes, all while maintaining a focus to foster a love for the game.
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Covid 19_

We have had many questions about Spring & Summer baseball  - We are currently accepting registrations for Spring competitive baseball and Summer recreational baseball.  We plan on playing the Spring and Summer seasons as scheduled.  We anticipate receiving contracts from the City of Longmont to hold practices and games.  The LBL played last Summer and Fall with only a few  We are planning on starting outdoor practices March 1st for competitive in mid April for games and recreational will start practices in May and games will start in mid May. 


Fall Baseball 2020 we will play baseball at Sandstone Ranch complex, Clark Centennial Park complex and Garden Acres Park complex - Spectators will NOT be allowed in the complex (exception to use the restroom) Only players coaches and scorekeepers can sit in the stands.  This is a requirement for all teams.  Teams spectators not cooperating will result in their team being eliminated from the schedule and will NOT be issued a refund.  USA Softball rented fields in Boulder and could not control their spectators and have been denied access to all  fields.  We do not want this to happen to us.  Spectators have to sit behind the outfield fence and beyond 1st and 3rd base.  If spectators cannot maintain 6ft distance they must wear a facemask


Parents, coaches & players,

We have been playing one week of baseball so far and things have been going pretty well with games. As many as you know Boulder County has updated their Public Health Order guidance on June 29th.

Boulder County has issued a local public health order with guidance requiring face coverings for every person older than 12 years old whenever in public anywhere in Boulder County that social distancing of six feet cannot be maintained. The Order does not have an end date and will remain in place until it is rescinded.

For clarification, in situations where local municipalities also have face covering orders in place, the most restrictive order takes precedence. So, in the case of face coverings, you may advise that face coverings are required (not just recommended) for every person older than 12 years old whenever in public anywhere in Boulder County that social distancing of six feet cannot be maintained.

Boulder County issued a media release yesterday announcing Face Covering Order Extended. Here is a link to the announcement:

We have had a lot of success with parents complying but we as a group need to do better. There was an outbreak last weekend in Boulder County and the threat is real that we can be shut down if we do not comply or if we have an outbreak. I would hate it if baseball was shut down for the Summer, the shut down would have likely effects that would be felt this Fall with football, soccer etc… We are the Guinea pig lets do right by our community.

  1. All spectators need to sit in the outfield or behind 1st or 3rd base fences to the outfield, no spectators allowed dugout to dugout. This does not mean you can sit behind the dugout. No one is allowed inside the Sandstone or Clark Centennial park complex. The only people allowed near the dugout are the coaches and scorekeepers. Please let your extended families know this when they come to cheer on your players.
  2. Spectators need to sit with their families, but if another family sits within 6 feet face masks must be worn.

      3.  Teams have to comply with 6 on 6 out of the dugout. Most coaches have been practicing             this, thank you, but we need to do better. Coaches please instruct 6 of your players to                 place their equipment bags etc. outside of the dugout and 6 can place their equipment                 inside the dugout. If players are within 6ft. of each other in the dugout they will have to             wear facemasks.

      4.  We realize that Sandstone Ranch is not technically in Boulder County but the City of                  Longmont owns the fields are they will follow Boulder county restrictions. If the social             distancing requirements or the spectator requirements are too restrictive please consider             dropping your child off for their game and picking them up afterwards.

Parents please help us out and do your part, I cannot stress this enough. We are not in normal times, this Summer is not like last Summer as far as baseball is concerned, many people registered their kids with the confidence that we as a league would follow guidelines and help keep their kids safe, this is a great burden we have agreed to.

Have a great 4th of July – stay safe!!

5-29 3:09pm

Parents & Families,

Our local Sporting Good’s Store Play It Again Sports is offering 20%off to all baseball & softball players. This sale will take place on June 4th, 5th & 6th – You will receive 20% off on all new and used baseball & softball equipment. Just mention the LBL when you check out - 

We will also be announcing our Dick’s sporting goods shop day soon 

We are expecting an announcement from Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) today, Monday or next week.  This could very well affect our projected start date of June 1st.  As a result we will extend our registration in case the season is pushed back.  Sorry to not have solid answers for anyone but information is a changing daily and we are trying to keep your posted.  As of right now 2:48pm 5/29/2020 the State of Colorado has only given permission to licensed camps to use facilities.  The City of Longmont informed us on Wednesday May 27th that we could use the fields starting Monday June 1st but have backpedaled in anticipation of the Counties upcoming announcement.  We are still hopeful we will be able to practice and get outside soon but right now things change daily.  Unlike other clubs we will not go against the State of Colorado, Boulder County or the City of Longmont’s Covid-19 guidelines, we want to be supportive partners of all Government entities.  We will let you know as soon as we know – Thank you -


5-27 - The Longmont Baseball League will 
continue to have open registrations until May 29th after May 29th late registrations will only be placed if there is room and if the registration fee is paid in full.  At this point we will start practices for competitive teams on June 1st and recreational practices will quickly follow.  Recreational players are currently being placed on teams and coaches will be notified with rosters next week.  Competitive & Recreational team equipment will look different this year, ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE THEIR OWN GLOVE, HELMET & BAT.  THIS IS REQUIRED AND NON NEGOTIABLE .  IF A PLAYER SHOWS UP TO PRACTICES AND GAMES WITHOUT THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY.  SHARED CATCHERS EQUIPMENT WILL BE DISINFECTED BEFORE A NEW PLAYER ASSUMES THE POSITION.  GAMES HAVE NOT BEEN APPROVED AS OF TODAY, but practices have, we will continue to be hopeful that we will play games this Summer.  In order to use the fields we have to submit our practice protocol. After our protocol has been approved it will be posted on the LBL website.  Unlike other clubs we will follow all State & Countyguidelines to keep our players and our community safe.   ALL REGISTRATION FEES ARE DUE AT THIS TIME, IF THEREGISTRATION FEE IS NOT PAID YOUR CHILD WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY.  Many people chose to pay by check when they registered, at this point you can mail a check to the LBL minus the credit card fee only or pay the fee on-line with a credit card  Please make sure all information is updated in your profile, if we have a positive case of Covid-19 we have to contact all players who had contact with the player.  If we have to reduce the amount of games refunds or future credits will be issued to each player.  Please do not rush out to buy gear for your child, I will try and get a Dicks Shop day organized very soon or have coupons available to you to help offset costs.
Our pandemic response is new territory for the League and for you, please be patient we are trying to work through protocol and at the same time give kids a chance get outside this Summer. 


5-1 The Longmont Baseball League has been a part of the Longmont Community and the St. Vrain Valley for over 50 years and we plan on serving the youth and families of the community for a long time to come.  We are trying to prepare for the upcoming baseball season but with the continuing changes in public policy in reaction to Covid-19 we cannot make any definitive plans much like many people and business in our community.   At this point we want to give you an update on what we hope the baseball season will look like this Summer.

All registrations will continue as usual Until May 23rd ~

LBL families

We hope everyone is doing fine and are keeping safe during these trying times. At the LBL our highest priority is keeping our programming safe and our players safe.  Over the past few weeks we have been working on safety guidelines for playing baseball when the conditions are right to bring the game back.  As of now the City of Longmont has closed all facilities until June 1st.  No practices or games will he be considered until June 1st.  When the opening day does arrive we want to be able to resume programming if we feel we can do it in a safe manner.  The LBL will be accepting registrations until Mid May for Summer baseball.  This will give us two weeks to prepare for the season which will be a tremendous undertaking, the way you can help is to register now so we do not have a sudden rush in registrations.  We are offing that you can register but not pay at this time.  This gives us a general idea of what our numbers will look like when June 1st arrives.  All you have to do is choose to PAY BY CHECK when you check out.  If you have already registered and paid and the season does not play you will have the option of a refund or to keep the money in your account until next season.  We believe any semblance of normal activities is good for the overall mental health of families and given the right circumstances we want to become part of those activities.  This email is lengthy but we want to ensure you that the LBL is making the safety of your players our number one priority.

Baseball / Softball games cannot be played like last season until “Safer at Home” guidelines change including, team sports (allow), increased group sizes (30 for teams only, 90 for teams & spectators) and distance between participants (under 6’).  But with the following guidelines being followed the game may be played following the 6’ physical distancing requirements.

Colorado “Safer at Home” Guidelines

Team - Hygiene Protocols

  • Hand sanitizer available for each team. Teams / players encouraged to bring their own sanitizer (it is proving to be hard to order enough hand sanitizer for all of our facilities)
  • No sharing equipment: Each player must have their own equipment (bats, gloves, batting helmets, etc.)
  • No sharing of drinks or food
  • No sunflower seeds, peanuts or pistachio nuts
  • Wearing cloth masks is encouraged or mandatory dependent on city guidelines

Team - Pre-game Protocols

  • Teams warm-up in designated areas.
  • Players / coaches can enter field 10 minutes prior to game as long as all prior participants have completely left the field area (field, dugouts, spectator area) and after dugout and spectator areas have been sanitized.
  • Teams use dugouts and spectator areas near dugout spacing personal equipment at least 10’ apart.
  • Team line-ups 
    • Teams exchange line-ups with designated opposing team scorekeeper orally using acceptable distancing.
    • Do not exchange paper line-ups. Each team is required to have a designated official scorekeeper.
    • It’s recommended teams use electronic scorekeeping (Game Changer App) so family and friends can track games on-line.
    • No players at home plate meeting.
  • Spectator seating: 
    • If portable outfield fence is used, spectators will sit or stand using physical distancing behind the fence.
    • If no portable outfield fence, spectators will sit or stand on the outfield side of the dugouts using physical distancing.

Team - During game Protocols

  • Keep non-play physical distancing (no handshakes or high fives)
  • No team huddles or close-range coaching
  • Mound visits are limited to pitcher, catcher and coach using physical distancing
  • Frequently rotate baseballs. Assign coach or parent to disinfect with Lysol or similar disinfectant.
  • Use new or clean ball between each inning.

Team - Post-game Protocols

  • Spectators 
    • Following game, wait in the outfield or designated space
    • Exit complex immediately following physical distancing
  • Teams (Players & Coaches) 
    • Place all debris in trash cans.
    • Remove all equipment from dugout and spectator area

Umpire Protocols

  • Home plate umpire will call balls and strikes from behind the pitcher using physical distancing
  • If two umpires are used, field umpire will use physical distancing
  • Wearing cloth masks is encouraged or mandatory dependent on city guidelines

Scheduling Protocols

  • Format changes to limit time in complex (double headers with same team, so “no gap”.
  • If unable to schedule double header, schedule half hour gap between games.
  • Games end either by number of innings or time limit. No play after time limit has been reached.

Facility Protocols

  • Heightened communication protocols (pre-event, on-site signage, etc.)
  • Designate team warmup areas
  • Have hand sanitizer stations available
  • Continuous cleaning / sanitizing of restrooms throughout each day
  • Have multiple washing stations throughout facility – if Possible
  • Clean / sanitize all player and spectator areas after each game
  • Event staff is encouraged to wear masks and gloves or mandated by city guidelines
  • Event staff practices physical distancing
  • Provide or designate site staff to ensure protocols are being followed

We realize this is a lot of information but we want to ensure you we are taking back to play precautions seriously.  This still does not address competitive teams traveling to different cities to play games, I do not have an answer to that at this point, several of us in the field have reached out to Governor Polis for guidance but have not heard back at the time this email was written.  In addition to these changes we may have to take a look at a change of game uniforms for rec teams.  The LBL spends around $20,000 per season on uniforms and at this time that expense is not practical and team sponsorship are very low.  When and if the season comes closer we will visit uniforms or provide an alternative for players.

Please remember the LBL is an independent non-profit baseball league, we receive no funding from the City of Longmont and solely run on player registrations, tournament income and sponsorship.  The volunteer Board of Directors has done a tremendous job managing our money and we plan to endure this storm and emerge stronger than before.

If you have any questions please email at [email protected]

There will be more details to come in the coming weeks about baseball, we are like everyone else on hold.  Stay safe and have a catch with your kids!!


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