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There will be training classes for the 2024 Spring season at the Longmont Baseball facility, contact Jake Johnson for more information.    Please bring a way to takes notes and wear comfortable athletic clothes. Umpires are responsible to attaining their own equipment. Umpires are independent contractors they are free to work for any league or district they choose to work for.  Because of this we do not provide uniforms or protective equipment.  New and used umpire equipment is available at Play It Again Sports in Longmont.  

1. Age Requirements: Umpires must be 13 years or older. Officials may not work games of players their same age.

2. Umpire Registration Requirements: All umpires will be paid by Direct Deposit only.  The DD form must be completed and returned to the LBL before any payments can be made. All umpires are required to complete and return a W9 form to the LBL before any payments are made

4. Assignments: All assignments will be assigned through the LBL's Horizon Web Ref. account. New umpire accounts will be created by the LBL, login information will be emailed to the umpire. It is the umpire's responsibility to keep their account updated on information such as addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. failure to do so may result in delayed payments or missed game assignments. Umpires will be scheduled for games based on their level of training, experience, ability, and availability. The more available dates an official has, the more games he or she will receive. Umpires are required to submit their availability on their Horizon accounts, and to keep their on-line availability calendar updated at all times throughout the season. Should any official be scheduled for a game shown on their availability schedule as open, the official shall be responsible for working that game or finding a suitable replacement with approval of the umpire assigner.

5. Independent Contractors: Umpires are not employees of the Longmont Baseball League. The LBL does not offer any form of insurance to its umpire members, and is not responsible, for payment of any costs related to any injury or illness incurred as a result of traveling to or from, or umpiring in any athletic contest assigned by the LBL. Independent contractors are also not eligible for workers compensation.

6. Insurance: The LBL provides competitive leagues and tournaments that are sanctioned through USSSA. The LBL's recreational leagues are not USSSA sanctioned. It is required by USSSA that all umpires working USSSA sanctioned events purchase USSSA insurance. USSSA also offers insurance when officiating non USSSA sanctioned events. Costs for insurance are based on age and type of insurance. Umpires are encouraged to purchase either USSSA officiating insurance or an alternative umpire insurance, such as NASO to umpire recreational & Fall games for the LBL.  

7. Independent Contractor Tax Responsibilities: Umpires are responsible for any and/or all tax liabilities resulting from payment of game fees. If umpires are paid over $600 in the course of the year umpires will receive a 1099 from the LBL the following January.

8. Umpire Training: All new umpires are required to attend the LBL umpire training. If umpires have prior experience a waiver for not attending will be made on a case by case basis.

9. Umpire Pay

Level 5 -  - New umpires - 9-10 recreational games until further evaluated
Level 4 -  - Normally will officiate Recreational and AA ball 12 and under
Level 3 -  - Normally will officiate Recreational, AA and AAA ball 12 and under and tournaments
Level 2 -  - Can officiate any LBL level and all LBL tournaments
Level 1 -  - Top LBL umpires can officiate any LBL level and tournaments, will be used to train new umpires.

10. Umpire Equipment: All umpires are required to purchase their own equipment. New and used equipment is available at Play It Again Sports in Longmont. Pants may be purchased from Honigs or any other umpire supplier or can be bought locally from Kohls, pants must be heather grey in color and shin guards must fit under the pants. Plate shoes may be purchased from Honigs or any other umpire supplier. Plate shoes are not required for rookie umpires but are always encouraged when working older division games.

11. Umpire Code of Ethics: All umpires must agree to the LBL code of ethics to umpire for the LBL.

12. Discipline Policy:

13. All umpires must have a umpire uniform the standard shirt for the LBL is dark blue, heather grey slacks, black belt, black shoes, dark socks, ball bag,  indicator, shin guards (worn inside pants) chest protector, face mask, throat guard & dark blue umpiring hat.  The umpire uniform  must look professional, not faded or torn.

14. Inclement Weather: It is the responsibility of the umpire to determine the status of the days' games. Game cancellations will be posted on the LBL web site. Any umpire that shows up for a game that was posted as cancelled one hour or more prior to the scheduled start time the umpire will not be compensated. If inclement weather forces a game cancellation prior to the scheduled start of a game, but after umpires have arrived at the game site, such officials shall be compensated one-half the normal game fee. If the game is started in good faith and subsequently cancelled, the official shall be paid in full. LBL umpires have authority in determining when inclement weather shall cause a game to be suspended or cancelled. Officials should, however consult with coaches of the two teams prior to making such a decision and a phone call or text to Brett or Lorri  to discuss the situation. Games shall be cancelled or suspended when the weather itself poses a danger to participants, or when the weather has caused field conditions to be unsafe or unfit for play. Umpires shall use good judgment when deciding to cancel a game. Game cancellations for other reasons shall be handled on a case by case basis, and resolution of such cancellations shall be fair and equitable to all parties concerned.

15. Direct Deposit Payments: Payments will be made every two weeks. Holidays, delays in funds transfers, incorrect direct deposit information or other unforeseen events may delay payments. Pay advances will not be made. Any dispute regarding the amount paid must be put in writing to the LBL. The pay schedule to be paid will be posted below when available.

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