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Recreational Scholarship Information

Last Day to Register for Recreational Baseball


The Longmont Baseball League strongly believes no child shall be denied an opportunity to play baseball due to lack of resources.  The LBL offers financial support to players who will play directly for an LBL sponsored team and must reside within the St. Vrain Valley school district.

There will be no full registration financial support granted to applicants.  If a family qualifies for financial support the total amount granted will not exceed 50%.   Financial support covers the LBL registration fees only, it does not extend to help players with equipment or tournament fees.  The amount of financial assistance is determined using a sliding scale which takes into considerationthe size of the family and annual income.  

The LBL will review each application and notify the applicant within 14 days of receiving the application.   When registering you must pay 50% of the registration fee before your child can be registered.   

The LBL views the Scholarship program as an investment in our community.  Recipients are expected to be fully committed to their teams.  This includes attending practices, games and team events.  Failure to fulfill this commitment may result in the assistance being revoked and full payment may be required.  

The LBL reserves the right to make changes in the amount of support awarded in exceptional circumstances. A new application must be completed for each season.  

Required Documents  may be requested
Copy of current pay stub(s) for persons living in the household
Copy of latest tax return
Proof of receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)  
Proof of receiving WIC Benefits
Proof of receiving food stamps Proof of receiving Medicaid
Proof of receiving SSI Proof of child receiving free and reduced lunch


Recreational Registration Deadline

The Financial support and the registration deadlines coincide. Applications received after the registration deadline will be reviewed on a first-come first-served basis and aid will be awarded if funds are still available.

When registering you must pay 50% of the registration fee before your child can be registered

After your child is registered the amount may be adjusted in the form of a refund or additional amount required.

There is no paper registration, all registrations must be completed online

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