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Longmont Baseball League Facility

In 2009 Don Sherwood donated a dilapidated mechanic garage  to the Longmont Baseball League.    The Board put a lot of sweat into the building  along with $25,000.  It improved the building but it still needed a lot of work.  We were patient, saved money and used the building in that state for 9 years.  This past year the roof leaks became too numerous and we decided to close the facility for 4 months and renovate.  We started with a grant from the Colorado Roofing Association and replaced the roof.  After the roof was replaced we worked on improving almost every aspect of the building.  We are happy with the results and we hope you are too.

3 Tee Stations and a throw back for fielding

3 Tee Stations and a throw back for fielding

The 2 cages can be manually pulled back to create a large workout area

Reserve the facility

Any baseball or softball team can reserve the facility for practices and team meetings.  We rent the facility 7 days a week, weekdays  sessions are 1.5 hours  and the weekends are 2 hour sessions.  If you are interested in reserving the facility please email Lorri  or call the LBL office at 720-684-6286

Garage doors are automatic and provide great natural light

During renovation we removed the top layer of paint from the walls and discovered  the building was a chicken hatchery

Plenty of great seating

The cages are 12ft. wide and 42ft. long

Hallway to restrooms

Iron Mike with A frame

Comfortable waiting area

Room for parent, team and Board meetings

Area for two future outdoor pitching lanes with nets