Umpire Agreement

When you register as an umpire the following is what you will agree to:

Longmont Baseball League Umpire Group
Baseball Officiating Independent Contractor Agreement

This Agreement will specify the terms and conditions of this contract between the undersigned party and the Longmont Baseball League (hereafter LBL) in regard to LBL baseball umpiring services for 2018.

All potential LBL Umpires agree to the following:

  1. Term: The Term of this agreement is for the 2018 Baseball season, Spring, Summer and Fall.
  2. Assignments: All assignments will be assigned through the LBL's Horizon account. I agree that it is my responsibility to keep the Arbiter updated on any changes to my personal information such as addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. and that failure on my part to do so may result in delayed payments or missed game assignments.
  3. Independent Contractor Status: I agree to participate as an independent contractor for all purposes under this agreement. I acknowledge that I am not an employee of the Longmont Baseball League or any of its sub contractors.
  4. Independent Contractor Insurance: I understand and agree the LBL does not offer any form of insurance to its members, and is not responsible, in any way whatsoever, for payment of any costs related to any injury or illness incurred as a result of traveling to or from, or officiating in, any athletic contest assigned by the LBL. As an independent contractor, I understand that workers compensation insurance is not offered by the LBL, and that all medical bills and other related costs such as lost wages, property damage, etc. resulting from injury or illness received in, or traveling to or from, such a contest are exclusively my own responsibility. I understand that there are inherent risks of injury involved in any athletic competition, and freely choose to undertake such risk in knowledge of the previous statements. I further certify that I have personal medical insurance coverage; or if I do not, that I freely choose to officiate knowing the risks involved and that the LBL and contracting organizations do not provide any such coverage.
  5. Required Insurance: The LBL provides competitive leagues and tournaments that are sanctioned through USSSA. The LBL's recreational leagues are not USSSA sanctioned. It is required by USSSA that all umpires working USSSA sanctioned events purchase USSSA insurance. Umpires have the option of purchasing insurance through USSSA that provides umpires insurance when officiating non USSSA sanctioned events. Umpires agree to purchase either USSSA officiating insurance or an alternative umpire insurance to umpire competitive or recreational games for the LBL.
  6. Independent Contractor Tax Responsibilities: I understand and agree that, as an independent contractor, I am exclusively responsible for any and/or all tax liability resulting from payment of game fees, and that the LBL is not my employer, and is not responsible for withholding, deducting, or accounting for my individual payments, or for furnishing the IRS with any information regarding payments to its independently contracted officials, unless required by statute.
  7. Waiver of Liability and Release: I understand that my participation carries with it the risks of serious injury to me including death. In recognition of this, I agree to assume responsibilities of all such risks and forever release and hold harmless the Longmont Baseball League, any of their subcontractors, the City of Longmont, the LBL employees, Board of Directors and members that may sanction or permit the aforementioned activities from and against such injury and death, and waive any and all claims, rights, or suit for damages of any kind whatsoever that may be brought by myself, my heirs, successors of this offer of contract is an irrevocable waiver of any right to additional compensation or benefit from the LBL, or any of its members including workers compensation.
  8. Longmont Baseball League Umpire Group Dues: I understand that I must pay annual dues to become and to remain a member of the LBL. Such dues may change from year to year, and will be clearly listed on the LBL web-site. I understand and agree that dues may be paid up front or deducted from the first auto pay issued by the LBL. All dues are non-refundable once paid.
  9. Umpire Training: I have received ample independent training in the game of baseball either in a training clinic sponsored by LBL or another baseball umpire training clinic, or I am planning on attending the LBL umpire training clinics.
  10. Umpire Code of Ethics: I understand and agree to uphold not only the policies and procedures of the LBL, but abide by the LBL Umpire Code of Ethics.
    0I will not possess or consume any alcoholic beverage, marijuana, illegal drugs or substance at any time when preforming my Independent Contractor duties on the playing field, in the dugouts, parking lot or any other areas near or around the playing fields.
    I understand the possession of firearms or weapons is strictly prohibited by umpires at all facilities.
    I understand fighting, threats and or abusive or profane language will not be tolerated.
    I understand smoking of any kind and the use of tobacco products is prohibited at all facilities.
  11. LBL Mandatory Background Check: I agree if I am currently 18 years old or will turn 18 years old during the 2018 season the LBL will use this umpire application/agreement to run a nationwide background check. If the results return with discrepancies I will be contacted to discuss the results, and if needed provided any and all information to clear up the results.
  12. Uniforms: I will provide my own uniform in accordance with the LBL

I represent that I have read, understand and agree that any officiating assignment accepted during the 2018 season(s) shall be subject to and preformed in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement.

If 18 years and younger a parent and guardian must agree to the above terms

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