Tball Specific Rules
1. All players must have reached the 5th but not their 7th birthday by April 30th of the baseball season, 6yr. old players may choose to play up 1 one division.

2. All players on the team will be placed in the batting order. Each half inning will consist of batting through the order. No score will be kept.

3. The distance between bases will be 50 feet.

4. All regular games will consist of a maximum of 5 innings. No inning will begins later than 1 hour 15 minutes after the start of the game.

5. Ten players will be on the field defensively. The tenth player will be in the outfield.

6. No player shall sit out more than one inning consecutively except for disciplinary reasons, injuries or ejection.

7. There will be no strikeouts. A coach or designated parent will place the ball on the T.

8. Players on defense must be rotated. All players must play the infield a minimum of one inning per game (at the coaches' discretion when safety is a factor). A player may not play one position more than one inning per game.

9. Leading off, stealing, and bunting are not allowed. Base runners may not leave the base until the ball is hit.

10. Substitutions may be made at any time.

11. There must be at least 8 players on defense at all times. If necessary, players from the opposing teams may be used. Only LBL registered players may play. No one else will be permitted to fill in for players.

12. On all overthrows, regardless of the location of the ball (fair or foul), all play will stop and the runners will advance only one base.

13. Parent or adult may be used to coach bases.

14. When the team is playing defense one coach may be in the outfield to help.

Updated July 2014