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Welcome to the Longmont Baseball League on-line field & batting cage reservation system. Practice Times weekday day practice 1 1/2 hours, weekends 2 hours. Only LBL teams can schedule practices at the LBL batting cages (LBL teams are defined by home games are played in Longmont, players register individually on the LBL site, teams are covered by LBL insurance). Only teams playing for the LBL in 2018 can schedule practices. If your team schedules practices and your team chooses not to play with the LBL in 2018 your team will be charged 2X the going rate per cage rental.
Teams may only schedule a Max of 1 weekday batting cage slot and 1 weekend slot. Teams can schedule a max of 2 practices per week.
The practice schedule is open from Janurary 2nd - March 1st. Outdoor practices should be open on or around March 1st.

Practice Times - Batting Cages weekday day practice 1 1/2 hours, weekends 2 hours.

All Practices are first come first serve. Teams may schedule up to 2 practices per week.

Teams can schedule additional practices within 8 hours of any open spot.

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Each year the LBL Board of Directors evaluates organizational performance to ensure the LBL remains a healthy business capable of fulfilling its mission of providing qualitative baseball leagues and services and growing baseball in Northern Colorado. This evaluation often results in modifications to league structure and alterations in administrative practices and fees.

The Board of Directors are often confronted with matters that impact our fee structure. This year was no different and particularly acute due to changes in our relationship with the City of Longmont and increased costs in the umpiring program. To assist in addressing these issues and others that have led to an increase in operating costs, the Board conducted a review of our revenue centers and determined that effective January 1, 2018, the LBL will begin charging a fee to teams for utilization of the LBL facility.

The fee for utilizing the LBL facility will be $12.00 per session. Teams will be able to leave the payment in the drop box, or if they have an account with the league, make arrangements to have the fee deducted from their team account or teams may be billed once a month. We realize that this could be a burden for some families therefore before the $12.00 per session goes into effect each team will receive 10 visits for the year free of charge. Scheduling protocol will remain the same in Appointment Plus.

Scheduling of the LBL facility for January 2018 will open Wednesday, Tuesday January 2nd at 10:00 AM. Any team scheduling practices in the LBL facility must be committed to participating in one of our 2018 Spring/Summer Competitive Leagues. If your team books practices and utilizes any LBL facility or contracted facility the team will be charged the "normal" rate per $45.00 per session.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this email, or anything about the LBL.