Recreational Tournament Rules


  1. Only players on the team's roster, assigned by the LBL during the season will be allowed to participate in tournament play.
  2. A team must have a minimum of 8 players to start and play the game. Players showing up late can be added to the end of the roster.
  3. There is NO automatic "Out" for the 9th batting position if only 8 players are available.
  4. All players will play at least one inning in the infield per game. Age specific exceptions for safety still apply.
  5. BALKS: Each pitcher will get one warning when committing a balk.
  6. Games will use a 1:45 time limit. No new inning will begin later than 1:45 after the start of the game. In case of weather related cancellations or any other unforeseeable delays games that have completed 2 innings or have played for 1 hour will constitute a complete game and will NOT be rescheduled. Time limit applies for Chamipionship Games.
  7. If at the end of regulation time or completed innings the game is tied, the CA tie breaker will go into effect. (CA tie breaker the last out is placed on 2nd base the game will continue like this until a winner is determined)
  8. Home team is determined by seed. Coin flip for Championship game.
  9. A pitcher may pitch 2 innings per game. The innings must be consecutive. Once a player is removed from pitching, she/he may not pitch again until the next game. 1 pitch constitutes 1 inning.
  10. The following Run Rules will be applied: If a team is behind by; 20 Runs after 2 Innings; 15 Runs after 3 Innings; or, 8 Runs after 4 Innings, the game will be ended.

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