LBL Coaches Information

Competitive Coaches Information

  • Concussion Certification ~ All head and assistant coaches competitive coaches will be required to provide a certificate of a completed concussion course. The course must have been completed during the past 12 months.
    Online course ~ - Search for Heads Up Concussion Training

Concussion Policy - Coaches who observe a player who may show signs of a concussion are required to inform the League. The player is then required to see a doctor and provide a written clearance from the doctor. The written clearance then MUST be turned into the LBL prior to the player returning to a practice or game.

  • LBL Registration ~ Is open for competitive players and coaches.
  • Background Checks ~ All head and assistant coaches need to take a BGC with the LBL. We have a new registration system and even though you may have just taken a BGC you will need to take another. During the coaches registration process coaches will have the opportunity to take a BGC.
  • LBL Batting Cages ~ Competitive teams will have the opportunity to use the batting cages Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb. Practices are scheduled through our the LBL website. Make sure all players and coaches using the facility are registered online with your team. If your team becomes unaffiliated with LBL at any time after using the batting cages, you will be charged a $95/hr usage fee. Currently teams can reserve cage time from November - December. Teams are limited to 1 scheduled practice per week. Teams can make additional reservations with 48 hours of any open slot.
  • Field Practices ~ All field practices will be scheduled through our website. City fields will open March 1st. On-line practice reservations will begin in February. All rostered players must be paid in full before you can make outdoor reservations.
  • Spring Tryouts The LBL will not hold Spring tryouts. If your team is looking for players I can post the information on the LBL web site
  • Rosters ~. Coaches MUST register for each session they are coaching, if you do not register you will be unable to view your roster.
  • League and Tournament Affiliation ~ The LBL AA League will be USSSA affiliated. You will be responsible for registering your team and paying the appropriate fees through the USSSA website

AA & AAA (Administered by Longmont Baseball League (LBL) -

  • Cost ~ $325 per player, 14's short season $150 per player
  • LBL Registration ~ all coaches and players need to register through the LBL website.
  • Payments ~ Parents may choose to use a payment plan. All players must be paid in full by March 1st.
  • League Info ~ games start in early April. 14 games minimum plus a 3 game guarantee end of season tournament on Jun. 22nd - 24th (this maybe a 3 day tournament). League winner, in each age group (9's, 10's, 11's etc.), will receive a paid state berth, not the end of season tournament.
  • League Bat Rules
    13u and Younger: All bats, including big barrel bats, must have the manufacturer's BPF 1.15 certification on the bat or a qualified BBCOR bat or be a wood bat. (Note that NEW bats manufactured for the 2012 season will have the letters "USSSA" on the BPF 1.15 mark.)
  • 14u: -3 weight/length ratio. All -3 bats must be stamped BBCOR. Wood bats also allowed. (If you play in USSSA tournaments you may also swing a -5)

Incident Reports

Any injury to a player or coach, that require a doctor's visit, at any practice, game or tournament, must have an "Incident Report" filled out by the head coach within 3 days of the incident. If the incident is not reported and the injury needs to have an insurance claim filed, the League Insurance Company can reject the claim. This form is on our website under "Forms & Downloads" then "Forms".

Using Longmont Baseball League's 501(c)(3) Non-Profit EIN# to accept donations and host fundraisers:

  • Many companies require a 501(c)(3) EIN # to make a donation or provide a fundraising opportunity.
  • As a benefit of belonging to Longmont Baseball League, your team may set up an account within LBL so that you may use our EIN without having to set up your own 501(c)(3).
  • There is a yearly one-time administration fee of $25.00 to set up your account.
  • Contact Aubrie Jordan, Office Manager, and inform her of your potential donation or fundraising opportunity.
  • Aubrie will provide our EIN# to the company you are working with (we are not able to give you our EIN# directly.)
  • The company will write a donation check or write the fundraising proceeds check to "Longmont Baseball League." Aubrie will notify you when she receives the check. We will deposit the money into a specific account earmarked for your team.
  • When your team has an expense such as uniforms, tournaments, equipment, etc., you will need to provide an invoice to Aubrie. She will pay the company directly, and deduct the amount from your account.
  • Any unused money left in your account if your team should dissolve will stay as a donation to the LBL.

Team Bank Accounts

*You are not allowed to use LBL's Federal Tax ID# (EIN#) for your own team bank account.

*It is up to you and your parents to decide how to manage your bank account and finances effectively.


  • Register your team name with the State, as a trade name. Then register for an federal Employer ID# so you can open a bank account under your team's name, (also known as an EIN). You are responsible for filing a tax return on that EIN#, since you are basically a small business.
  • Use your own Social Security # to set up a separate bank account for your team. Most banks will not allow you to put your team name on the account without a trade name and Federal Tax ID#, so you will be using your own name. You will be responsible for including all income and expenses to the IRS on your personal tax returns, because the bank is reporting it on your Social Security #.
  • Become you own 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Form 1023 will need to be filled out. You will need to assign officers and a Board, which can be comprised of the officers. You will also need to designate someone or a firm as a registered agent with the State of Colorado and be responsible for annual fillings and all other required government filings, including an annual tax return. There is also a significant application fee.

Longmont Baseball League Staff

Lorri Vandiver - Executive Director - email -
LBL office # 720-684-6286

Steve Mathias - Assistant Director - email -
LBL office #720-684-6286

Eve McConahay - Bookkeeper - email - LBL office # 720-684-6286

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