Coaches Code of Conduct
Coaches Code of Conduct

I understand that my responsibilities are of great importance and that my actions are a very visible example to the participants with whom I am involved. I promise to uphold the following standards:

1. Establishing an atmosphere that is conducive to learning the game, developing skills, which results in a positive experience for participants.

2. Providing the most competitive opportunities and fielding the best possible teams within an enjoyable environment.

3. Promoting the principles of teamwork and sportsmanship. Equally important is taking all reasonable steps to protect the safety of the participants.

4. I will treat each individual (player, opposing coach, official, parent, or administrator) with respect and dignity, and exhibit exemplary conduct at games and practices. I will not engage in any negative emotional, psychological, or physical contact toward anyone involved with the league or the LBL..

5. I will do my best to teach sportsmanship, team morale, fundamental skills, techniques, fair play, responsibility, respect, and the strategies of the baseball.

6. I will become thoroughly familiar with the rules of baseball, including modifications that have been established for my team's age group.

7. I will show respect and uphold the authority of the officials who are assigned to the game, and will not hold officials or unforeseen weather accountable for the result of the game.

5. I will promptly report any violations of League rules or regulations to the LBL Executive Director, and I will cooperate with the Director and the LBL Board in the enforcement of such rules.

6. I will do my best in not allowing parents or spectators to jeopardize any player's opportunity for a positive experience at practices and games.

7. I will protect the health and safety of my players at all times.

8. I will not use Tobacco within 250 feet of any ball field. The use of alcohol before, during or after games, tournaments, team parties, or any other team function where players are present, is not permitted.

9. I will not give false information of any kind to LBL.

10. I will also conduct myself in a positive manner while representing the Longmont Baseball as a coach at any non-league team function or tournament.

Failure to adhere to the above Standards of Conduct can result in a disciplinary action being taken, based on LBL's Disciplinary Guidelines, including, but not limited to, suspension or removal from the program. Any such action may be appealed, in writing, within two weeks. In such a case, a hearing will be convened within two weeks of receiving such appeal. LBL in a joint effort with other youth organizations, shares information pertaining to coach suspensions. Such organizations include, but are not limited to, the City of Longmont, Niwot Youth Sports, Loveland Baseball League, Windsor Baseball and Ft. Collins Baseball Club.
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