Recreational Baseball General Rules
Summer Baseball Leagues shall follow the National Federation of High School Rules. However, LBL General Rules will take precedence over High School rules and LBL Special Age Group Rules will take precedence over LBL General Rules when in conflict.

Coaches are responsible to inform players and parents of LBL rules. (With copies if necessary.)

For clarification, the following definitions will be used:
Baseball grounds: will consist of any and all areas for spectators and baseball personnel.
Playing field: will consist of all areas inside the fenced area or designated boundaries to include fair territory of playing area, foul territory where playing is permitted and the bench area of the teams.

1. Alcohol or tobacco use is not allowed within 200 ft. of any playing field.

2. No physical contact in the form of fighting or poor sportsmanship type conduct will be permitted on the baseball grounds.

3. No persons other than players, managers, coaches and umpires assigned to the game will be allowed on the field.

4. Umpire judgment calls cannot be appealed. Rule calls, on appeal -request, will be reviewed by both umpires and a final decision will be reached by the umpires. Under no circumstances will taunting, ridiculing, or in any way harassing the umpire be permitted. If coaches or spectators are not satisfied with the rule decision, please call the head umpire, and the rule will be clarified via High School or LBL rules and the explanation will be given to both coaches and umpires.
6. Any infraction of the LBL rules by players, coaches, umpires, parents and/or spectators can result in immediate ejection and removal from the game and baseball grounds. The ejection of a coach or player will result in a minimum 1 game suspension for the next league game. The LBL Board of Directors may review for additional suspension and/or possible removal of any further participation in league activities. Failure to abide by the umpire's decision will result in forfeiture for that team. Umpires must provide a written report of ejection to the head umpire.
7. Any misconduct by players, managers, coaches, umpires, parents and/or spectators not covered by any other rule will be investigated by the LBL and all findings will be decided at a meeting with the involved parties present. Written notifications will be given to involved parties. Refusal or failure of involved parties to attend the meeting will constitute acceptance of the LBL's decision in the dispute and the necessary disciplinary action will be taken. All decisions of the LBL Board of Directors are final.
8. The LBL Board of Directors must approve all team rosters, coaches, assistant coaches and umpires.
9. The replacement of a coach or player, to any roster must be coordinated through the appropriate age group coordinator, and only permitted with the approval of the Recreation Coordinator.
10. All players, managers, coaches and umpires must be registered with the LBL.
11. Players in all age groups must wear the uniform assigned by the league at all times while participating in league play. Uniform caps will be worn with the bill to the front and shirts tucked in while on the playing field. Uniforms may not be modified.Players shall wear no jewelry of any type.
12. Decisions to cancel games due to unfavorable weather conditions will be determined by league officials and/or umpires, with input from coaches. This decision will be made at the field at game time. Both coaches and team members should show up, or risk forfeit.
13. All batters and base runners must wear batting helmets. Base coaches under 18 years of age must wear helmets. Players warming up pitchers, on or off the field, must wear a facemask if in the down position.
14. All players present at the start of the game will be placed in the batting order. The batting order will not change once the game has started, except due to injury or ejection of a player. Players arriving late can be added to the bottom of the order if the coach decides to play them.
15. When 5:30pm games end past 7:30pm, the second scheduled game will start within 10 minutes of the completion of the preceding game.
16. No inning will begin later than the scheduled game length.

5 & 6yr. olds No new inning shall begin after !hour 15 Minutes
7 & 8 yr. olds No new inning shall begin after 1 hour 30 minutes

9,10,11,12,13 & 14 yr. olds No new inning shall begin after 1 hour 45 minutes

*Regular season games may end in a tie
17. No games will be rescheduled due to weather.
18. On fields with lights, having two games scheduled, no inning of the second game shall begin after 10:00pm.
19. Except for the 5&6-7&8 leagues, scores and standings will be kept at all times. The home team will keep the official score book. The home team coach is responsible for reporting the scores on-line within 48 hours of the game being played.
20. Coaches are responsible to ensure that all catchers wear throat guards and protective cups.
21. Games can be played with a minimum of 8 rostered players at all times. At the scheduled time if a team does not have at least 8 players at the field within ten minutes the team will forfeit the game. In the event of a forfeit, the game will be recorded as a 7-0 forfeit and the teams may elect to play a scrimmage game. If they do, a team may "loan" a player to the short team. The scrimmage game will be played until the scheduled completion time from the original starting time with no score being kept. Only LBL registered players in that age group may participate the scrimmage game.
22. There will be a 35-hour gap between pitching pitching appearances. One (1) pitch constitutes an One (1) inning.
23. Pitchers having ball control problems will be monitored. The first time a pitcher hits a batter with the ball, he/she will be cautioned. On the second hit, he will be given a final warning. On the third hit of a game the pitcher must be replaced.
24. The defensive team is allowed 3 conferences per game (pitching changes do NOT count as a visit) on the 4th conference (and every one after that) the pitcher MUST be removed.
25. No metal spiked footwear may be worn by the 14 and under age groups.
26. A courtesy runner can be used for pitchers, catchers and/or injured players. The person designated as the courtesy runner will be the player who was the last out.
27. Coaches should put in writing and distribute to all team members just what will cause a player to be disciplined. A player being disciplined may not play the minimum number of innings in a game. Coaches must notify the opposing coach if any of his players are being disciplined and will not play.
28. Baseballs are the property of the Longmont Baseball League. New balls are to be used at games (home team supplies 2 game baseballs). After the game, new balls become practice balls and should be kept with other league equipment. Game balls are not to be given to players.

29. If a player carelessly throws a bat while at the plate the following will occur: First time – Warning to both teams. Second time - Call player out. Third time – Call player out, bench player for the remainder of the game. If at any time the umpire judges it was reckless or deliberate, then the player will be called out and the player benched or ejected.