2018 Competitive Baseball Teams

Below are teams currently playing in 2018, there will be additional teams that will play, please check back often for additional teams. If you are not going to be in town for the August 5th tryout contact the coaches ASAP to set up a private try-out Age

Division League Team Coach Players Needed Attending Aug. 5th Tryouts Alternative Tryout Date Accomplishments
9 AA BOCO 59'ers Mike Kisor 3 Yes August 6th noon GA 1st place 8U NC1X league, top 4 Mothers day tournament
10 AA New Team Blane Perigo 5-6 Yes July 29th 10am SS#3 This is a newly formed team, head coach has been an assistant coach with the Longmont Bombers
10 AA BOCO Bagers Bob Sekich 3-4 Yes August 6th noon GA Team will be playing Fall Baseball
10 AA Longmont Zephers Steve Withers 5-6 Yes This is a newly formed team, core of team went 11-1 in the Rec. league in 2017, 2nd place in league tournament
11 AA Longmont Storm Steve Hamby 5-6 Yes July 25th 5pm - SHS Newly formed team, head coach is a HS coach
11 AA BOCO Warriors Dave Dowen 6-7 Yes Newly formed team
11 AA Longmont Outlawz Matt Blando 3-4 Yes Head coach played College baseball & minor league baseball, placed 3rd in league
11 AA Longmont Stealth Jimmy Cardenas 2-3 Yes Newly formed team in 2016 played in 7 tournaments
12 Majors Longmont Stealth Jimmy Cardenas 1 Yes 3rd place USSSA State, 2nd place TC State
12 AA Tri-Town Thunder Brett Hajek 3-4 Yes Newly formed team in 2016 played in tournaments finished .500 on the season
13 AA/AAA Blackbears Wes Hood 2 Yes 1st place League Tournament, 3rd place Baseball Benefit tournament, 3rd place Sheerwood Classic, 3rd place AA Showdown
13 AA/AAA Longmont Storm Steve Hamby 3-4 Yes July 25th 6:45pm - SHS 2nd place end of season tournament
13 AA/AAA Colorado Warriors Tony Villani 2 Yes July 20th 7pmSS#2 1st in League, 1st Sherwood Classic, traveled to Omaha & Kansas for regional tournaments
13 AAA Longmont Bombers Ken Ayers 2 Yes August 1st 7pm SS#2 12yr. Old State Champions, 2nd place Sherwood Classic, 3rd place AA Showdown
13 AA/AAA NOCO Tigers Kyle Furhmann 3rd place USSSA State, 1st place AA Showdown, 4th place Erie Showdown
13 AA BOCO Badgers Mike Fischer 3 to 4 Yes Newly formed team in 2016, played in 6 tournaments
13 AA/AAA Longmont A's Troy Wright 1st place Baseball Benefit tournament, 1st Rocky Mtn. Ruckus, 2nd place Thin Air Classic
14 Open Mead HS feeder Chris Watkins 12 NO July 20th, 5pm Mead HS
14 Open LHS Feeder Tom Fobes 12 NO August 27th 3-5pm LHS
14 Open SCHS Feeder Mike Apadoca 12 NO August 20th 1pm SCHS
14 Open SHS Feeder Steve Hamby 12 NO Will have tryouts in January
14 Open NHS Feeder 12 NO Will have tryouts in January
14 Open EHS Harold Simmons 12 NO Workouts start Aug. 6th 5:30 EHS