9 & 10 yr. old rules
1. All players must have reached their 9th, but not their 11th birthday by April 30th of the current baseball season, players may choose to play up 1 division.

2. No player shall sit out more than one (1) inning consecutively except for disciplinary reasons, injury or ejection.

3. All players will play at least one inning in the infield per game. If a shortened game prevents this, the player will start in the infield the next game. (Coaches who feel players could be in danger , or unsafe to participate in the infield should notify the Longmont Baseball League).

4. All regular season games shall consist of a maximum of six (6) innings. In case of bad weather, light failure, darkness, etc…. three (3) complete innings will constitute a complete game or if 1 hour has elapsed. If neither has occurred the game will be scored as 0-0 or game not played.

5. All pitchers will be limited to two (2) innings per game (Pitchers are subject to LBL General Rules for pitching). This will be recorded in the Coaches pitching log.

6. Stealing is allowed with limited guidelines. Base runners are NOT permitted to steal from 1st to 2nd base at any time. They may steal 2nd to 3rd base and 3rd to home, but may not leave the occupied base until the pitched ball crosses home plate, or perpendicular to home plate on a wild pitch. CLARIFICATION – Runners may advance from 1st base on a hit, or on a force causes by a walked batter.

7. Bunting is allowed, fake bunts are not. A batter that "shows” bunt is committed to an attempt to bunt or take the pitch. Penalty: A batter who swings after "showing” bunt shall be called out and no runners may advance.

8. The Infield Fly Rule will not be in effect for this age group.

9. The dropped third strike rule will not be in effect. However, existing base runners may advance within guidelines on stealing.

10. To avoid prolonged delay of the game, when all reasonable play has ended, and the pitcher has possession of the ball in the pitcher’s mound area, all runners must return to the previous base occupied.

11. There will be a maximum of 5 runs per inning regardless of who is winning , no mercy rule will be in effect.

12. Games will be played with a minimum of 8 (eight) LBL registered players at all times. If a team starts with only 8 players there is no automatic out for what would be the 9th batting position. If a ninth (9) player shows up during the game he will be added to the bottom of the batting order and the team may have nine players on the field and in the batting order for the reminder of the game.

13. Umpires will be encouraged to advise players and/or coaches if a batter or catcher is out of position enough to affect normal play or pose a possible danger to the catcher or batter.

14. Trying to keep balance between learning to hit and learning to pitch. The strike zone will be from the shoulders through the knees .

15. 9yr. olds Pitching 43ft/ base distance 65ft.
10yr. olds Pitching 46ft/base distance 65ft

16.. All Bats must be marked with the USSSA stamp. there is no length or drop restrictions as long as there is a USSSA stamp on the bat.